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This short article contains a selection of materials about Israel.

Where we were, what we saw, how much it costs, what impressions this or that place made on us …

How to get there, what are the rules…

Israel is a small but colorful country. Suitable for beach joys, and — especially! — for educational tourism.

Summer is very, VERY hot. You can only “seal” on the beach and go out on the promenade in the evenings. Excursions in the summer are difficult. In buses, of course, air conditioners save, but you have to get off the buses.

Israel. In Nazareth. Photo of the author. Israel. In Nazareth. Photo of the author. Israel. Nazareth. Church of the Annunciation. Photo of the author. Israel. Nazareth. Church of the Annunciation. Photo of the author.

But in October or at the end of March-April it is very comfortable here. It’s time for educational tourism. And if you want to swim, then in the Dead Sea — please. They swim there all year round.

In general, you can go to Israel at any time. Each month there is something to see and do.

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I will continue to add to this section, because we managed to travel almost the entire country, and there is still a lot of raw material.

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