From Altai to Karelia.

Hooray, we’re home! I love to travel. But returning home is one of the most enjoyable moments of any trip :)))


On the morning of April 26, we took off from the small airport of Gorno-Altaisk. In Domodedovo we had a small transfer, and already at 15.30 local time we checked into an apartment in St. Petersburg . We rented this apartment for the second time. It is located on Millionnaya Street, in the very center, and is very convenient when traveling with two families.

At 8 pm we were already at the Vinograd karaoke club: my husband had a birthday, and since he is a singing person, we decided to celebrate at the club.

Our Petersburg program

On April 27 and 28 we dedicated to our beloved St. Petersburg:

  • visited the Faberge Museum;
  • ride on a tram along the rivers and canals;
  • once again visited the Peter and Paul Fortress;
  • we went to the Palace of Congresses in Strelna (Konstaninovsky Palace);
  • walked around the evening city …

Since we rested in the company with another married couple, for these two days we made up such a program that it would be interesting for both families.

Evening Peter. View from the Laundry Bridge to the Fontanka. Photo by the author Evening St. Petersburg. View from the Laundry Bridge to the Fontanka. Author’s photo

Early in the morning on April 29, we left for Petrozavodsk to get acquainted with Karelia. And our friends stayed in St. Petersburg, they just moved to a smaller apartment.

Karelian program


We arrived in Petrozavodsk from St. Petersburg on the Lastochka. When we started from St. Petersburg, it was an ordinary northern gray spring day. And, having moved the Volkhov, we found ourselves again in winter. A real blizzard broke out, and the snow lay in caps on the paws of pines, on the ground …

In Petrozavodsk, they got off the train in the afternoon. We have in advance through Yandex. Traveling , a room was booked at the mini-hotel «Harland». The hotel accepted us only after 2 pm. Before that, we managed to explore the central Lenin Street, take a walk along the embankment, and dine at one of the popular local establishments, The Kitchen.

Petrozavodsk. Sculpture on the embankment Photo by the author. Petrozavodsk. Sculpture on the embankment Photo by the author.

We spent exactly one day in Petrozavodsk. We walked a lot around the city, visited the National Museum of Local Lore.

On the embankment of Petrozavodsk. Photo from personal archive. On the embankment of Petrozavodsk. Photo from personal archive.


At 12.00 on April 30, we rented a Hyundai Solaris car from the agency and spent two and a half days on wheels . Thanks to this, we managed to see quite a lot in a short period of time.

In addition to sights and well-known, promoted tourist places, it was interesting for us to see how people live in Karelia, where they work, what prices are in stores …

Having received the car, we set off in the direction of Murmansk, along the Kola highway (R-21) to Kondopoga. We were told that the emphasis in the name of the city should be placed on the first «O». And we pronounced it, emphasizing the last “O” … I had to correct it.

From Petrozavoldsk to Kondopoga — about 60 km.

We spent a couple of hours in Kondopoga, visited the temple.

Reserve «Kivach»

It is located 28 km from Kondopoga. It is famous, first of all, for its waterfall. Although there is also an arboretum. There are places to walk and things to see.

Waterfall Kivach. Photo of the author. Waterfall Kivach. Photo of the author.


To get to this city, we had to go back along the Kola highway and pass Petrozavodsk without stopping at it. After a while we turned onto the Sortavala highway.

The total distance from the Kivach reserve to Sortavala was 310-320 km. We arrived in Sortavala still before dark, at the beginning of the ninth evening, and settled in the Apartment, which we rented in advance on . About what kind of apartment it was, there will definitely be a separate story.

Ruskeala mountain park, Ruskeala waterfalls

These were the objects for which we, in fact, went to Sortavala. They are not in the city itself, but not far from it, and we devoted the next day to them.

From Sortavala to the mountain park Ruskeala about 30 km. Ruskeala waterfalls, which are known as Akhvenkoski waterfalls, are located between the mountain park and the city, closer to the mountain park.

The village of Lyaskelya

We drove into it, already leaving Sortavala. There we were attracted by the old hydroelectric power station and as many as three churches in such a small village.

Waterfalls White Bridges — the largest waterfalls in Karelia

It was a real adventure.

We heard a lot about the Yukankoski waterfalls (the Finnish name for the White Bridges) from the locals, but for some reason they themselves have never been there. It turned out that the road to these waterfalls is one name. You can’t drive too close, you have to walk quite a long time.

But we still visited the White Bridges, which I have a film about. Yes, made «on the knee» — in field conditions. But he is alive and true.

To get to the White Bridges, you need to turn off the Sortavala highway.

On the way back

After the White Bridges, we went to Petrozavodsk to rent a car. Of course, from Sortavala one could immediately go to St. Petersburg by car. But we calculated, and it turned out to be much more expensive than returning the car in Petrozavodsk and arriving in St. Petersburg by train.

The fact is that we would then have to pay for the transfer of the car from St. Petersburg to Petrozavodsk. And so we had a great ride in the compartment car of the double-decker train Murmansk-St. Petersburg. We rested, slept on clean sheets for only 1177 rubles.

And we still had the opportunity to spend almost a whole day in St. Petersburg. We met with our friends, walked together in the center of the city, decorated for May 9th. We bought another boat trip — this time along the Neva with access to the Gulf of Finland. It was windy and we were rocked by the waves.

In the evening — departure from Pulkovo. And at 9 am — we are already in Altai.

Only 8 days, but how many places visited, how many impressions!

There will definitely be separate stories, videos, and many photos about each of the places visited.

Yes, we have not been to Valaam and Kizhi. The fact is that Onega and Ladoga lakes are still mostly covered with ice. But this ice is loose. That is, it is no longer time for airboats, but navigation has not yet begun. Due to the fact that we did not visit these famous islands, we were not upset. Firstly, we saw so many interesting things. Secondly, it is impossible to cover everything in one trip, you need to leave goals for new visits to Karelia.

May. Lake Onega in ice. Photo of the author. May. Lake Onega in ice. Photo of the author.

Thank you for your attention to the article!

Health to everyone!


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