Petrozavodsk: the largest open-air gym in Russia and Europe

When I saw this slender, endless row of simulators on the Onega embankment of Petrozavodsk, I was simply speechless.


When I was looking for information about the sights of the city on the net before my trip to Petrozavodsk, I did not come across a single article about this huge open-air gym. And, we can say that we saw these simulators by chance, walking along the embankment on a cold day at the end of April, waiting for the hour when it would be possible to check into a hotel.

A huge number of street simulators in Petrozavodsk. Photo of the author. A huge number of street simulators in Petrozavodsk. Photo of the author. The length of a number of simulators is more than 200 meters. photo of the author. The length of a number of simulators is more than 200 meters. photo of the author.

I think that these simulators, which EVERYONE can use for FREE and at any time, are one of the best attractions in the city. Can you imagine how cool it is: to be able to work out on modern simulators in the fresh air, with a view of Lake Onega?

What simulators are there on the Petrozavodsk Onega embankment

The simulators here are very different: suitable for beginners taking their first steps in physical education and sports, and suitable for experienced athletes. There are special exercise machines for people with disabilities.

Stand in an outdoor gym in Petrozavodsk. Photo of the author. Stand in an outdoor gym in Petrozavodsk. Photo of the author.

All shells are certified. All machines are labeled with maximum load and instructions for use. And there is even a barcode, pointing the camera at which, you can get a detailed description of how to work on this unit.

Some shells are painted in a cheerful pink paint: they are probably intended for girls. The maximum load indicated on them was relatively small.

Other simulators are khaki, with an army emblem.

Many simulators are placed under awnings in case of rain.

As a former physical education teacher (I honestly worked at school for 28 years), this open-air gym not only delighted me, but struck me down. I envied the people of Petrozavodsk. And I’m not sure that it was «white» envy.

Than to describe a hundred times, it is easier to show once:

When did simulators appear in Petrozavodsk and who makes them

I found information that the first simulators on Onega embankment appeared 10 years ago, in 2012.

In 2017, shells for people with disabilities appeared. In the same year, V. Putin visited the open-air gym, and, they say, he was very impressed.

Since then, as I understand it, the gym overlooking Lake Onega has been constantly growing with new, more and more modern equipment.

I found information that all the simulators were made by local, Petrozavodsk production — the MB Barbell company. And it turns out that the projects of this company have been successfully working in many cities, from capitals to Siberia, for a long time. And even in my nearest small Biysk there is a sports club equipped by this company.

Where are the people?

On the day when we walked along the embankment in Petrozavodsk, and it was April 29, it was snowing, surprisingly. It was unfriendly on the street. And there was not a single healthy lifestyle lover on the simulators. To be honest, it surprised me. Petrozavodsk is a northern city, and I don’t think that a temperature of zero degrees or a little lower could frighten the townspeople. Perhaps it was because it was just a weekday and pre-lunch time. Most likely, visitors to this beautiful gym pull themselves up in the late afternoon.

In general, this gym made me look at Petrozavodsk differently. And once again convinced me that this is an ambiguous city,

How did you like the Petrozavodsk simulators? Would you like to have something similar in your city or village? And what do you think, would shells be empty in your city or would they be popular?

Health to all and good spring days!

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