Shungite Center in Petrozavodsk

This is one of the places where you can find the answer to the questions: “What to bring from Karelia? What souvenirs?


Preparing for a trip to Petrozavodsk, of course, I was interested in what interesting places in the city are worth visiting. And among such places travelers called the Shungite Center.

Returning from a trip to Karelia, before returning the rented car, we decided to call in this Center in Petrozavodsk.

Where is the Petrozavodsk Shungite Center located?

I found information on the Web that the Center is located in the middle of nowhere, on the outskirts of the city, in the industrial zone. And so it turned out. Address: Petrozavodsk, Transportnaya street, 20 A.

Therefore, when the navigator took us to Transportnaya Street, I was not too surprised. But still, I was surprised: after all, this Center is designed for tourists, so why send them to such an unfriendly and remote place? After all, the fact is that not everyone wants to get here. Where is the meaning, where is the logic?

In general, we had to go through the checkpoint to a strange territory. Where, as I later found out, next to the Shungite Center is a trade and service center for the sale of spare parts and maintenance of trucks. And organized parking of huge trucks. Weird neighborhood, right?

Trade and exhibition hall of the Shungite Center on the street. Transportnaya, Petrozavodsk. Photo of the author. Trade and exhibition hall of the Shungite Center on the street. Transportnaya, Petrozavodsk. Photo of the author.

Excursion to the Shungite Center with relaxation and tasting

Entering the building of the Center, we found ourselves in an elegant trade and exhibition hall. We were greeted very warmly and offered to immediately join the excursion that had just begun.

A composition of shungite figures in the center of the «relaxation room». Photo of the author. A composition of shungite figures in the center of the «relaxation room». Photo of the author.

The tour guide girl talked about the properties of the mineral, that it can block harmful radiation from gadgets, and that it can affect a person’s condition. She demonstrated experience: she put a smartphone in a shungite box, and it was impossible to get through to this phone.

Karelian shungite, as we were told, is a unique mineral. It is mined only in Karelia . There are no other similar deposits on the planet.

And then we were invited to relax in the “shungite room”. Its walls are pasted over with shungite plates, in the center there are sculptural figures of animals made from the same mineral.

They turned off the big light in the room, turned on calm music and colored lights, and left us for 5 minutes. It was assumed that during these 5 minutes there would be some «harmonization of all physiological processes, due to the action of the mineral.» I can’t vouch for the “harmonization of all processes”, but in a dark, well-ventilated room, listening to gentle music, it was pleasant to rest for a few minutes after a long journey.

After visiting the «shungite room» we were offered to taste the tincture of local berries and herbs and try herbal tea. I tried everything: both tincture and tea. I liked the tincture, but not the tea. My husband was not lucky: he was driving at that time. I had to limit myself to tasteless tea.

I really liked the tincture. I wouldn’t mind tasting a few more times. They didn’t offer. But we didn’t have to buy a home: we fly without luggage, and they won’t let us in hand luggage.

Yes, I forgot to clarify: both the tour and relaxation with tasting are free.

Shungite souvenirs

They were invisible in the pavilion. Spheres and balls on stands, pyramids and pyramids, figurines of bears and elephants… Separate showcases are decorated with beads, bracelets, rings, earrings. Lovely little things. Very pleasant to the touch, especially those made of polished shungite.

Figurines-souvenirs from shungite. Photo of the author. Figurines-souvenirs from shungite. Photo of the author.

I twisted them in my hands, looked at them … But I did not buy. There was no desire to have these trinkets at home. I am indifferent to them.

Shungite jewelry. Photo of the author. Shungite jewelry. Photo of the author.

About the price: a pyramid with a base of 3 cm costs 600 rubles. The larger, the more expensive.

They also offered sets of unpolished shungite stones a little larger than a hazelnut — for purifying drinking water. And stickers on the phone the size of a Soviet penny — to neutralize the radiation. How do you feel about such things? I don’t trust them too much. I consider it wasted money.

Cosmetics with shungite

What interested me was the shelving with shungite-based cosmetics. I love mazilki. Creams, scrubs, masks, shampoos and lotions… I couldn’t buy liquids (they won’t let me in hand luggage), but I bought face and hand creams for myself and as a gift. I have been using for several days now. The miracle of rejuvenation did not happen :))) But the creams soften and moisturize the skin quite well, they smell good.

Rack with shungite cosmetics. Photo of the author. Rack with shungite cosmetics. Photo of the author.

Prices for cream with shungite are indecent, in my opinion. Hand cream 75 ml — 300 rubles. Face cream 100 ml — 450 rubles. Cosmetics are produced not in Petrozavodsk, but in Moscow. The packaging is cute, but obviously inexpensive.

They also bought a «rubbing for colds and muscle pain.» I rubbed it on my injured, numb neck on a long journey. And, you know, rubbing is very good! Warms up spasmodic muscles, relieves tension and pain.

In general, the place is quite interesting. There is something to see. And you can choose an unusual souvenir. I think that, having arrived in Petrozavodsk, it is worth visiting the Shungite Center. But that’s just the location — yes, stupid.

Shungite Center in Petrozavodsk — how to get there

The most convenient way to get there is by taxi or by a rented car, as in our case. There are many suburban buses from the bus station to the Center, for example, 117A, 117 B, 120, 133.

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