The monument to Nikola Tesla was created in less than a month — they had time for the visit of the president of a friendly country

Baku is not only a city of amazing buildings and many fountains. It is also a city of a wide variety of sculptures. Each of which has its own story.


Walking around Baku — and we marched there for at least a hundred kilometers — at the intersection of S. Rahimov and Azadlyg streets, we saw a monument to Nikola Tesla. To whom exactly the monument was determined from afar. Because the wheel against which the monument was erected is very recognizable: an alternating current generator, known from school physics lessons.

Baku. Monument to Nikola Tesla. Photo of the author. Baku. Monument to Nikola Tesla. Photo of the author.

What does N. Tesla have to do with Baku? Have you been here? — No, I never have. And the relation to the city has the most direct, the same as to each of us: we all daily and sometimes hourly use its inventions.

In addition to the alternating current power supply system, Tesla invented a laser, remote control, fluorescent lighting, developed field theory, laid the foundations of robotics, and studied the effect of electric current on the human body. And even the patent for the invention of the radio was given (after the trial) to Nikola Tesla. (Although it is more pleasant for us to consider that A. I. Popov invented the radio).

In general, the man definitely deserved to have a monument erected to him. In any city. Why not in Baku?

Moreover, the President of friendly Serbia and his wife were to visit Azerbaijan.

History of creation and authors of the monument to Nikola Tesla in Baku

It was decided to please the President of Serbia by opening a monument to his famous compatriot in Azerbaijan. Yes, Tesla is Serbian by origin. Moreover, by that time — and this was the beginning of 2013 — there were already monuments to famous Azerbaijanis in Serbia. For example, Heydar Aliyev (the first president), composer Uzeyir Hajibayli.

The sculpture was commissioned by sculptor Omar Eldarov, People’s Artist of Azerbaijan, and architect Sanan Salamzade. By the way, the same talented architect is one of the authors of the monument to the poet Vahid Gazelkhan .

Such a monument is the only one in the worldThe Village TravelerApril 6

But! The trick was that there was less than a month left before the arrival of the President of Serbia!

And at that time there was not even an idea … Not to mention the fact that first you need to determine and agree on the installation site, calculate the proportions, make a sculpture, and then cast it in bronze. And then prepare a place for its installation and carry out the actual installation …

But the sculptor and architect managed to do everything, although it seems impossible at first glance. Add to this that, according to the stories of O. Eldarov, by the time he received the assignment, he knew almost nothing about the scientist. And it took him time to collect information about N. Tesla, to study and understand his personality.

And the personality was extraordinary! As they say, «not of this world.» A man who boldly looked into tomorrow and even the day after tomorrow. Hence this absent look, immersion in oneself …

Omar Eldarov decided to portray Tesla as a young man full of ideas and strength. Handsome, dapper, but with a deep, thoughtful look. This is how it turned out:

Monument to Nikola Tesla. Baku. Photo of the author. Monument to Nikola Tesla. Baku. Photo of the author.

The sculpture is of impressive size: the height together with the pedestal is 3.3 meters.

The monument was opened on February 8, 2013, in the presence of the presidents of Azerbaijan and Serbia and their wives. As it was intended. Ilham Aliyev made a solemn speech.

And the personality of Tesla interested the sculptor so much that, after finishing the work, he continued to study materials about the scientist.

Years later, O. Eldarov said that if he were now entrusted with making a sculpture, he would depict him differently: older, more mysterious. Because even today the name and personality of Tesla are shrouded in mysticism and secrets.

I wonder if there is a section in the Guinness Book where sculptures created in record time are noted? I think there would be a place for the Tesla monument in Baku.

Agree, it’s even hard to imagine: from scratch, in a month to come up with, agree (!), create and install such a large sculpture?

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