The person everyone owes

Good afternoon!

Today, returning from work, I went to the store and met a former colleague — a teacher. We greeted each other word for word… As a result, we talked for half an hour. Well, they talked — it’s a strong word. I mostly listened. As a result, I came home broken, there was not a trace left of my cheerful mood to redo a lot of household chores.

Svetlana is 2 years younger than me, she will be 50 in the summer. A nice, stately lady. But here’s the problem: she thinks that everyone around her owes her. And behaves, and lives accordingly.

First of all, the state owes her: to pay a decent salary. Well, I agree with her here.

The administration should appreciate that such a valuable employee deigned to work in this particular school (and there is only one school in the village!).

The children and their parents owe it to the fact that such a wonderful teacher descends to them and wastes his precious time.

The husband should — after all, next to him is such a beauty! Well, he should earn much more than he earns now.

Your own children should also — pay attention, give gifts, because she put so much effort on them!

The mother-in-law and mother should also help financially (the lady, for a moment, fifty kopecks herself), because they have good pensions, and in general, they are so lucky — they retired at 55 years old. But her preferential pension «broke off».

Road builders, utilities, hairdressers, in a word, everything around …

I was tired of communicating with this woman, as if I dug up the whole garden with a shovel. It made me want to run into her. And you will not cut off a person in mid-sentence …

Of course, life for most of us is not honey, and every day we have to solve some problems. But so whining, so immersed in negativity and swimming in it — I don’t understand!

The most interesting thing is that such negative whiners are a dime a dozen! It’s worth writing some article on the channel in a positive way — they will immediately blame that the article is custom-made, and they will instruct the dislikes.

By the way, there is not a single advertising or custom article on my channel. No, I’m not that principled. I might have placed a custom post on my channel, and my audience is not small anymore — about 75,000. But so far they simply haven’t offered it.

I don’t argue, there are a lot of different nasty things around, but if you concentrate only on this, and whine about how bad everything is around, and the government is such and such, then you won’t want to live.

If things are so bad all around, you need to make at least some effort to fix it. Whining and scolding everyone around is the lot of weaklings and losers.

The job pays little — find another. If you are afraid that your pension will be small, start saving money today. Education is crappy, does not give children knowledge — think about tutors. The government is no good, and our country is generally a country of fools? So in this case, there is a way out. You can always find a way to move to another country. Where is a wonderful government and smart people.

But only, I think, to a person who owes everything in life, and moving to another country will not help.

But, in general, I’m scared by the number of whiners and lovers of negativity, lovers of sucking up bad news and speculating about how bad everything is.

In short, whining is our national sport. Hobbies are the majority of citizens. It is right to scold the government. And it’s worth saying that life is not so bad — immediately screams: “Custom article!”

I don’t like a lot either. Do not like too soft laws for high-ranking thieves. I do not like what is happening in education and medicine. I don’t like the shameless faces of many deputies. I do not like that the authorities often abuse power. But I can’t change it. What’s the point of talking about it all the time if it doesn’t change anything, but only spoil the mood?

But I can work, while receiving a pension. I can tend the garden and raise chickens. To go to the hospital less often, I can lead a healthy lifestyle. To make life interesting, I can travel: twice a year — «distant» trips, and once 5 a year — within 500-800 km.

No one will make a good and interesting life for us. Only yourself, only yourself … Stay away from the whiners!


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