Two very decent cafes in Petrozavodsk with reasonable prices

Where to eat tasty and relatively inexpensive in Petrozavodsk?


I know at least two such cafes in the city center, in the tourist part of it. Of course, there are no such cafes, for sure, there are more in the city. But I’ll only talk about the places we’ve been. And they were quite satisfied.

Cafe «The Kitchen»

It is located on Lenina Avenue — the street leading straight from the station to the embankment. Basically, close to the waterfront. Great location.

Not far away, on Kuibyshev Street, we stayed at a mini-hotel. We decided not to go far: we were very cold and hungry. We went, we can say, to the first institution that came across. And — they did not fail.

It was about 2 o’clock in the afternoon — the very lunch. The cafe was busy, but we found a place. At the entrance we were greeted by a waiter who suggested several places to choose from. We chose a small table by the window and decided to look around.

The interior of the cafe is quite modern, but without frills. As I understand it, it is customary here not only to dine, but also just to sit in the warmth, chat over a cup of coffee or a glass of beer.

Interior of The Kitchen cafe, Petrozavodsk. Photo of the author. Interior of The Kitchen cafe, Petrozavodsk. Photo of the author.

The menu includes dishes of Russian, European and Karelian cuisine.

Cafe Menu Brochure The Kitchen. Photo of the author. Cafe Menu Brochure The Kitchen. Photo of the author. Karelian dishes in the menu of The Kitchen cafe. Karelian dishes in the menu of The Kitchen cafe. The main dishes in the menu of The Kitchen cafe. The main dishes in the menu of The Kitchen cafe.

We ordered soups, a main course, a Karelian patty — kalitka and cranberry juice.

The order was brought within 15 minutes. I think it was very fast — given that it was lunchtime, there were enough guests.

The portions are a decent size and decorated just as beautifully as they appear on the pictures on the menu.

Pork with cheese sauce, with cranberries. Pork with cheese sauce, with cranberries.

I really liked the lingonberry sauce that was served to me with beef. Karelian mushroom soup was also excellent. And in the photo above — pork, which my husband ordered. In serving, in the design of dishes, local traditions of cooking are clearly traced, and we really liked it.

The dishes are delicious — what is, is.

The check for a hearty dinner for two was 1,180 rubles. Well, the price is certainly not like in a student canteen. But it is quite acceptable for such dishes.

By the way, the cafe is also open for delivery. For example, in the mini-hotel where we stayed, the mfs could well order, for example, dinner with delivery. When ordering from 500 rubles, delivery is free.

Bistro Deja Vu, Petrozavodsk

Another very nice place. We visited him already before leaving, having handed over a rented car and whiled away the time before the train to St. Petersburg.

The bistro is also located on Lenin Avenue, but higher, closer to the station. We went to the cafe on a holiday, May 2, and it was very crowded. When we were already escorted to a table, we noticed that even a queue formed among the visitors who arrived 5-10 minutes later. And I haven’t seen queues in a cafe for a long time!

The cafe itself is quite cozy. And big. Probably occupies almost the entire first floor of the building.

We didn’t have time to get bored at the table: we leafed through the menu for about 10 minutes, and a young waiter came running to us. Took the order and brought it within 15-20 minutes. Indeed — fast. Yes, even approached, apologized for being delayed: a lot of customers. This is what I really liked in Petrozavodsk cafes: that customers are not made to wait.

We ordered Greek salad, meat hodgepodge, kalitki (open Karelian pies), which we really liked, coffee. Stayed within 900 rubles. Portions here are slightly smaller than in The Kitchen cafe. The quality of the food is good. The hodgepodge was very tasty, thick, spicy! And the pies are excellent, soft, fresh.

In general, in the center of Petrozavodsk there are places where you can eat deliciously, sit in a pleasant environment and not go broke.

Another girl-administrator at the hotel told us about the Yagel restaurant. She said that they cook delicious food there, they focus on the national Karelian cuisine, and the prices are quite adequate. But this time we didn’t get to Yagel, as we stayed in Petrozavodsk for a total of 2 days.

By the way, in general, I really liked Karelian cuisine. Especially different interesting sauces with local cranberries, lingonberries, blueberry pies.

Have you tried Karelian cuisine? And to visit Petrozavodsk catering establishments? How are the impressions?

Health to everyone!

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