“Wow, so you live like landlords,” said the mother of my Israeli friend

A friend is an old, beloved, we have been friends since 5 years. She has been living in Israel for over 30 years. She left Baku when the well-known events began there in 1990.


Shortly before the pandemic story and my work restrictions , my husband and I flew to visit a friend. She lives in a small town near Tel Aviv — in Bnei Brak. There are few immigrants from the USSR and Russia in Bnei Brak, mostly Orthodox Jews.

Housing, like land, is extremely expensive in Israel. That’s why my friend settled in Bnei Brak — there are the most affordable real estate prices. A very modest apartment — no more than 60 square meters, albeit a three-room apartment. In a four-story building, without heating. Almost all the houses there are without heating.

A friend bought an apartment with her grandmother and mother: when they sold 3 good apartments in the center of Baku, they managed to add a little more money and buy this property in Bnei Brak. Then it cost about $250,000. Now — about 2 times more expensive. The women were happy in their OWN housing.

On Bnei Brak street. Photo of the author. On Bnei Brak street. Photo of the author.

From November to March inclusive, the houses are so cool that you have to warm yourself outside. We were at the end of March, and at night we always turned on the electric heater. Then, when they found out how much electricity costs, they stopped. And they were noticeably cold at night, having arrived from their Siberia.

When they found out how much water costs, they began to take a shower with lightning speed.

You need to move to Israel!

Jerusalem. Photo of the author. Jerusalem. Photo of the author.

A friend, when she asked her husband and found out how much he earns doing carpentry and woodcarving, began to convince us to move. She assured him that he would be able to earn 20-30-50 times more in Israel. She said that masters of his level were worth their weight in gold. She was indignant that in Russia they do not know how to value and pay for work and skill with dignity.

Israeli March. Photo from personal archive. Israeli March. Photo from personal archive.

With all my love for an old friend, I must say that she has a strange thing: for some reason she considers those who could not (or did not want to) move from the former USSR unhappy and unlucky.

You know, and during the time that we stayed with her, she almost convinced us that we needed to move. But her mother sobered us up.

Jerusalem. Wall of Tears. Photo of the author. Jerusalem. Wall of Tears. Photo of the author.

Do not move to Israel under any circumstances!

We flew in with my laptop, and I showed Aunt Ella our house inside and out, the garage, utility rooms, garden and vegetable garden, a flower garden, a pool installed for the summer … By our local standards, our house is average, and even modest. 115 meters, 90 — heated by gas.

The elderly woman looked at the photographs, sighed, and said: “Guys, you are now living like landowners. You have no idea how rich you are. If you move, you will live in rented housing. To end. Don’t ruin your life.»

Summer in our little «estate». Photo of the author. Summer in our little «estate». Photo of the author. Homemade summer breakfast when there is nowhere to hurry. Photo of the author. Homemade summer breakfast when there is nowhere to hurry. Photo of the author.

And there was a shift in our consciousness. What we take for granted and do not know how to appreciate, for some it seems like untold wealth. 12 acres of fertile land, the ability to keep livestock and not ask for permission, the ability to grow vegetables and fruits, drink coffee in the morning in your own garden …

I am not ready to give up these benefits for the sake of a small rented apartment.

And I looked at my village life from a different angle. We are not unhappy villagers at all. And, indeed, small landowners.

Fortunately, the idea of ​​moving both arose suddenly and was soon abandoned. Moreover, our parents were against the move. And they are very old, and the option to leave and leave them was not even considered.

Israel is a wonderful country to stay here, enjoy the mild climate, swim in the Mediterranean, Red or Dead Seas and see the sights. And when / if I have such an opportunity, I will definitely go there again.

And I will stay here at home. As one very clever anecdote says: tourism must be distinguished from emigration.

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What are your thoughts on moving to another country? What are your thoughts on moving as an adult?

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